Select a team of 15 EPL players with a £100-million starting budget. Your team must have:

• 2 Goalkeepers

• 5 Defenders

• 5 Midfielders

• 3 Strikers

At the beginning, you can only have up to 3 players from a single EPL club.


After picking your initial team, you must name your team. The name of your team will appear in League standings. Your phone number and real name WILL NOT appear in any League standings.

Enter your mobile phone number and we will send you an SMS with your initial password within a few seconds. Please save or remember your password.

You can change your password at any time in "My profile" section of the Game.

You can register 1 team per mobile number.


Pick your starting 11 players, who will score points for your team. Bench players do not score points unless come onto the field as substitutes. Choose your captain, who will score double points for you.

Your team formation will be adjusted automatically depending on the players your pick. You cannot have fewer than 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 striker.

If you wish to make changes to your team, then you should make such changes and confirm them before the Matchweek deadline, which is 20 minutes before the start of the first EPL match of a Matchweek.

If any of your starting players does not play in a Matchweek, then he will be automatically substituted for a bench player who will then score points for your team. The priority order of your substitute players on the bench is from left to right (Field View) and from top to bottom (Data View).
Please note that if your captain does not play, the substitute player will not become a captain.

Automatic substitutions are applied when all matches of a Matchweek have been completed.


After registering your team, you can buy and sell players in the transfer market. Unlimited transfers can be made until your first Matchweek deadline.

After your first deadline, you will have 1 free transfer each Matchweek (an unused free transfer cannot be transferred to the next Matchweek).

In addition, you can use extra transfers if you have enough Coins.

You cannot undo transfers once you have confirmed them.

You can also activate Unlimited Transfers, which allows you to make unlimited transfers for the current Matchweek (until the next deadline).


Player prices change during the season depending on the popularity of the player in the transfer market.

The price shown for your players on the Transfers page is a player's selling price. This selling price may be less than the player's current purchase price due to a 50% deduction applied to any price increase for your players. For example, if you bought a player for £5m and his current price is £7m, then you would be able to sell the player for £6m.


Your players will score points based on their actual performances in a Matchweek.

Performance Points
All positions
Played in a match 1
Played for 60 minutes and more 2
Assist 3
Every last-man tackle 1
Every clearance off the line 1
Every 6 Interceptions and tackles 1
Match winning goal 1
Yellow card -1
Red card -3
Own goal -2
Penalty conceded -2
Penalty missed -2
Goal 8
Clean Sheet 4
Every 2 saves 1
Penalty save 4
Every 2 goals conceded -1
Goal 6
Clean Sheet 4
Every 2 goals conceded -1
Goal 5
Clean Sheet 1
Goal 4
Bonuses (for all positions)
Hat trick (3 goals) in a match 3
4 goals in a match 4
5 and more goals in a match 5

Clean Sheet: Player must play for a minimum of 60 minutes to qualify for a Clean Sheet.

Assists are given to:

• a player who makes the final pass which leads to a goal

• a player who earns a free-kick or penalty which lead to a goal (but not if he takes it himself)

• a player whose shot/pass results in an own goal by the opposing team

No assists are given for goals scored after rebounds off an opposing player or woodwork.

Last-man tackle: a player successfully makes a defensive action/tackle and is the last person between the opponent and the goal.

Clearance off the line: clearance/blocked shot off the goal line.

Match winning goal: a player scores the only goal of the match (1-0, where 1 is a match winning goal).

Red Cards: If a player receives a second yellow card automatically resulting in a red card, then the player will have 4 points deducted (yellow card + red card).

If a player receives a red card, he will continue to be penalized for goals conceded by his team.


Your team will be automatically entered into Overall League and your Country League.

Depending on availability, you can also enter into Competitive Leagues and Sponsor Leagues. Competitive Leagues and Sponsor Leagues are leagues in which you can enter with your team, start scoring points from scratch and have a chance to win GREAT PRIZES.

You will be required to provide your email and a few personal details which we need to identify and contact you when you win a PRIZE. Prizes will be delivered by our e-commerce partners or by regular post mail depending on your location.

You can also create your own Private Leagues and invite friends to join.

Tiebreakers: If more than 1 team tie for the win in a League (same number of points), the following tiebreakers will be used in the following order to determine the winner:

1. Highest number of goals
2. Highest number of assists
3. Lowest number of red cards
4. Lowest number of yellow cards
5. A virtual coin toss